MAJOR General Jorge Segovia reckons he would have been an agriculturist had he not entered the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

"I would probably be a forester or an agriculturist or even an environmental activist had I not chosen to become a soldier and serve our country," said Segovia, chief of the Army's 10th Infantry Division (ID).

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Segovia, former commander of the 2nd Infantry Division, took the reigns over the 10th ID this month from Major General Carlos Holganza, currently the commander of the National Development Support Command.

"I am a lover of nature. Nakaka-relax talaga sa akin ang makakita ng mga magagandang tanawin. I advocate strongly environmental programs especially among our soldiers. Siguro kung hindi ako naging sundalo eh di naging full-time environmentalist na ako," Segovia said.

He said his concern for nature had strengthened in the years of his service.

"Before I was a part of the Save Laguna Lake efforts, which does not only protect the lake itself. We're also concerned for overfishing and over logging as what happened in the uplands also affects the lake. We advocated for awareness among the youth since in the future they would be the ones to take care of nature."

"I think the Armed Forces is a very big environmentalist group itself. Ang environmental efforts namin contributes a lot. Other than monitoring our forests we also conduct tree planting activities as part of our civil operations. Our tree planting activities, we make sure that these are not one-shot deals. We plant by the thousands but we also go back to see what happens to them," Segovia said.

Segovia admitted the military is not free from issues of being involved in illegal logging or protecting illegal loggers.

"I do not think the issue is on the soldiers but on the rebel groups, the NPAs (New People's Army). We help the DENR do their job. If you notice marami nang nahuhuling mga illegal loggers. One way or another they are connected to the NPA because the NPA extort money from them. Ang nanghuhuli ay yung mga sundalo," he said.

"Sinasabi ko nga na kung may checkpoint lalo na sa kabukuran banda, kailangan meron ring Penro or Cenro (Provincial Environmental and Natural Resources Office or City Environmental and Natural Resources Office). They would be the one to confiscate the logs not us. We would be there for enforcement. Gusto ko naman na dito sa area of command ng 10th ID ganoon din. I would continue my advocacy for the environment here," Segovia said.

"I always adhere to the Philippine Military Academy's motto, encourage integrity and loyalty. For most of us that's always been our motto through our years of service. I think it encompasses all virtues that we need to follow in public service," he added.

Prior to his designation, Segovia assumes as the 29th commander of the 2nd Infantry (Jungle Fighter) Division, Philippine Army. He is a member of the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1980. Prior to this he served as the Chief of the Command Center General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Among his significant assignments he held were Brigade Commander of 202 IBDE, 2ID, PA; Battalion Commander of the 79th Infantry Battalion, 2ID, PA; Group Commander of MIG15, Isafp; Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, G2, Phil Army; Group Commander of ISG, PA; and Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, J3, AFP.

Segovia had schoolings both here and abroad. Among of which are the following: Scout Ranger Course in Scout Ranger Training Unit; US Ranger Course at US Army Infantry School (Conus); Infantry Officer Advance Course at Combat Arms School, TCPA; Mil. Intel. Officer Advance Course at SITS, ISAFP; Criminal Investigation/Detection in US Army MP SCH, FT MS McClellan, Alabama, USA; Seminar on Strategic Analysis & Operation Management in CIA Overseas Training Program; Command and Gen. Staff Course at Training and Doctrine Command, PA. He finished the course of Strategic Business Economics Program at the University of Asia and the Pacific.

His foundation in the fields of Intelligence Operations, Psychological Operations, Civil Military Operations and Combat Operations which have all contributed in the formulation of 2nd ID's operational template and methodology in defeating the CPP/NPA in Southern Tagalog.

Segovia is happily married to Maria Pia Segovia. They were blessed with two sons -- Jed Angelo & Jeric Paolo and two daughters, Jen Christian and Pia Mari Jessica.