RECEIVING 5,098.08 kilos from May until July this year, NCCC Cares' Buy Back Fair invites more Davao residents to segregate their trash.

"The number of kilos donated or sold to the scrap buyers every last Saturday of the month has decreased, however, we are seeing regular patrons every time at NCCC Mall Davao," said Edezer Lumtan, Cares' project coordinator.

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Significant scrap recovery was noted in May at 882.5 kilos where various Davao City barangays sold collected campaign materials: printed cellophane, newsprint, and even tarpaulins.

Used papers, old magazines, box cartons, tetra pack juice and milk boxes are accepted on Saturday, August 28 at the mall's Parking C from 8 5 p.m. in addition to empty printer cartridges, tires and e-wastes like non-working electronic and electrical appliances, CPU's and monitors.

Plastic bottles that are PET, as well as plastic furniture, hard plastics, cellophane bags, plastic cups and tarpaulins are welcome too.

Rubber tires that collect rainwater and provide habitats for dengue-carrying mosquitoes including used lead-acid batteries and fluorescent tubes and bulbs are also accepted.

Prices of scrap items vary and priced on per piece or per kilo basis.

Lumtan reminds scrap donors and sellers to deposit dry scrap items and segregate it according to category to ensure ease in handling.

This monthly event is supported by the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (Cenro) and the regional office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, together with GMA TV Davao, Sun Star Davao and The Mindanao Times.

Proceeds of the event will be used to finance NCCC Cares' programs on educational assistance and the environment. Contact NCCC Cares at 305-6810 or add NCCC Cares on Facebook. (PR)