CHICKEN is (almost) everyone’s favorite. But tension ensues when you’re asked how you’d want this piece of poultry done.

Then suddenly the line is drawn and there comes a great division. What would you probably choose if handed down this question: Lechon manok or fried chicken? Here’s what a few people have to say.

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Cherie Gozon, copywriter: “Lechon manok—’coz it’s more challenging to cook. There are a lot of ways or secrets in cooking it well and making it tasty. The marinade would really matter since the taste of the chicken would depend on it.

“Plus, cooking time matters since you’re cooking the chicken whole (time estimates would be different when you’re cooking just a few parts of the chicken and when you’re cooking it whole). [sic] As for fried chicken, marinate and bread it (plus gravy/ketchup) is already fine.”

Kaloy Uypuanco, events and music manager:“Lechon manok. Three reasons: cheaper, healthier, and juicier!”

Sarah Lopez-Pozas, student: “Lechon manok. I remember eating it one time in a hotel room in Cebu with that rice-thing shaped like a diamond (puso?) and using my hands!

Better than room service. But then again I’ve always been partial to Cebu lechon. It doesn’t sound as threatening as ‘fried’ chicken either.”

Sheila Ngo, marketing manager, Monster Radio: “Fried chicken—especially the leg and wing parts. Just imagine: crunchy, peppery skin over really tasty and juicy dark meat.

Yummy! Dipped in banana ketchup, of course. Brings back memories of being a kid—having those kiddie parties with spaghetti and barbecue specially made by mom.”

Ruth de la Torre, teacher: “Fried chicken. I mean who had discovered that actually heated oil and chicken, with all the seasonings, would turn out to be a universal food that all people would love? Seen in parties; children and old people enjoying it; you see it in China, America, or Africa. I mean go all around the world, you would see people devouring it with all their heart. We should probably introduce fried chicken in another planet, too. But I wouldn’t be shocked if they already have it before we know it.”

Three over two? Looks like fried chicken’s in hot oil in this particular episode.