Wednesday July 18, 2018

Cops ‘shoot, bribe’ ex-marine son

A RETIRED policeman filed a complaint yesterday against two police officers for allegedly shooting his son, a former member of the Marine Corps.

Severino Chavez, 70, also claimed that two policemen fabricated evidence to bolster his son's alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade in Bantayan, northern Cebu.

Chavez requested the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) 7 to investigate PO2 Jumarey Villaceran and PO1 Isabelo Caracena Jr.

Chavez accused Villaceran and Caracena of wounding his son Blaine, 43, outside a cockpit in Sitio Manan-ao, Barangay Ticad last Sunday afternoon.

"He was hit in both legs and his hand. The bullet pierced through the hand,” Chavez said in Bisaya.


The cops, said Chavez, also allegedly planted a pack of shabu and firearm in his son's possession.

Chavez said he was inside the cockpit but his nephew witnessed the incident.

NBI 7 Assistant Director Eric Isodoro said they will send subpoenas to Villaceran and Caracena.

In a phone interview, Villaceran denied Chavez's allegations.

Villaceran said that the operation was legitimate and no evidence was made up against Blaine.

Villaceran claimed that Blain is a “known drug personality” and he knew about him even before he transferred to the Bantayan Police Station last May.

According to a report from the Bantayan Police Station, Villaceran and Caracena conducted a buy-bust operation against Blaine last Sunday.

Caracena, who acted as buyer, purchased a medium pack of what appeared to be shabu from Blaine for P500.


After Blaine received the marked bill, Caracena identified himself as a police officer and tried to arrest the ex-marine.

Blaine allegedly struggled to free himself and pulled out a .38 revolver from his bag.

Villaceran then shot the right hand of Blaine.

Blaine is confined in the Bantayan District Hospital.

Chavez also accused Villaceran of asking for bribe money from Blaine.

"Miingon akong anak nganong mohatag daw siya nga wa man siyay dautang negosyo (My son asked why he should bribe them when he doesn't engage in illegal business)," he said.

Villaceran denied asking money from Blaine.

Chavez said he forced Blaine to quit the Marine Corps five years ago and now sells food for a living.