UPON the invitation of Mr. Marco Tamayo, RPT of I-Flex Fitness Gym of Davao City, once again I was asked to be one of the judges in this prestigious search for the ultimate male body-building competition held last August 22, 2010 at the modern NCCC Mall in Davao.

The last time I was asked to judge this event was way back in 2007 at the same venue.

Last year, I failed to make it because of some last minute urgent matters to attend to. But this year, I made it a point to be present.

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We communicated with Marco thru emails since he was still in Dubai working as a Fitness Instructor when this search was launched several months ago. Good thing we have internets!

I travelled to Davao City a day before the activity passing through the Bukidnon-Davao road which was really worth the time and effort. Though it was raining hard somewhere in Bukidnon, it made the travel more exciting and chilly! The weather was just perfect after the heat we have been experiencing in Cagayan de Oro City!


The show started a bit past 1:00 p.m. to a full crowd at the lobby of the NCCC Mall. The energized and eager players came out wearing Sewer Jeans (by Ronald Said) as their first exposure flexing their toned-muscles. There were 15 exciting and well-proportioned participants coming from all over the Philippines. Second exposure made them flex their well-defined muscles more and showing everyone what they’ve got to impress the judges and the crowd. It wasn’t hard to pick up the best from the best because five of them were truly outstanding in their forms.

Top three spots finally went to Eliaquim C. Balbero of Davao City as Ginoong Kadayawan 2010 with Alvin Albana of Golds Gym Manila garnering the 2nd spot while Machris Delfin of Bacolod City emerged as 3rd placer. Incidentally, Mr. Albano also won the Best Poser and several other minor awards.

One of the Special Award I have been sponsoring in the previous competition in Ginoong Kadayawan and Mr. Mindanao is the “Best Butt” award. And this particular award always elicits both excitement and the oohs and ahhs from the audience. This year’s winner is none other than Mr. Ruel Camporedondo of Cotabato City, who was kind of shy upon receiving his “Best Butt” Fondant Cake Award.

I stayed at the house of the Sangalangs, a very close friend of Marco, who were so accommodating and nice to me. They are located only a few blocks away from SM Davao, which made “shopping” a lot easier! Talk about business and leisure!

Two days in Davao wasn’t enough. Particularly, they are celebrating the Kadayawan Festival at this time of the year. There were such a big crowd in the major areas of the city.

In fact, that morning, they had their Float Parade Competition. It was really amazing to see such one-of-a-kind fantastic, stunning and colourful floats adorned with beautiful and exotic flowers. Truly one of a kind in this part of the world!

On my way back, I just have to stop and buy a week’s supply of rambutan, mangosteen, marang and durian! There were just so much along the way!

Fresh vegetables available at BUDA area is also a big come-on every time I travel. Plus, the abundance of sweet corn along Mangima area was just tempting. They were really a bargain! One thing for sure, my van is jam-packed with fruits and vegetables, this time getting ready for our own Cagayan de Oro City’s fiesta celebration! (Email: potsnpans1976@yahoo.com, website: www.potsnpans1976@weebly.com)