THE Value of Production Index (VaPI) for total manufacturing recorded a slower average annual growth of 16.3 percent in June this year, according to the preliminary results of the Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries (MISSI) conducted by the National Statistics Office (NSO).

Among the 16 major sectors exhibiting increases in production values, 14 sectors significantly contributed to the increase. These include transport equipment, furniture and fixtures, petroleum products, miscellaneous manufactures, electrical machinery, machinery except electrical, leather products, beverages, paper and paper products, basic metal, fabricated metal products, non-metallic mineral products, rubber and plastic products and textiles.

On a month-on-month change, VaPI posted a 0.1 percent increase from 5.2 percent increment in May 2010. This was attributed to the growth of footwear and wearing apparel, miscellaneous manufactures and fabricated metal products sectors.

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Meanwhile, the Volume of Production Index (VoPI) also accelerated in June 2010 posting a year-on-year growth of 23.4 percent.

Fourteen of 16 major sectors exhibited two-digit increases in production output, with furniture and fixtures influencing the largest increment of 97.0 percent.

The other 13 major sectors that posted two-digit increases include electrical machinery, machinery except electrical, transport equipment, miscellaneous manufactures, petroleum products, beverages, paper and paper products, non-metallic mineral products, leather products, textiles, fabricated metal products, basic metals and rubber and plastic products.

On the other hand, VoPI on a month-on-month comparison, dropped at a slower rate of 0.8 percent in June 2010.

This was contributed by three major sectors, the tobacco products, petroleum products and wood and wood products. (NSO)