MY RESEARCH in the Internet on Linggo ng Wika yielded a pleasant surprise. From WikiAnswers, I learned that it is not merely a weeklong celebration this year but a month long observance. The theme of the Buwan ng Wika celebration for 2010 is "Sa Pangangalaga ng Wika at Kalikasan, Wagas na Pagmamahal Talagang Kailangan." Translated into English, it means that true love is needed in caring for one's national language and nature.

At the Riverside College in Bacolod City, the Languages Department led by Coordinator Miss Herjean Pagdato put up an exhibit of vintage items belonging to the ascendants of its freshmen. This is in addition to the usual cultural program of Filipiniana songs and dances as well as native games that were held last August 19, 2010 at the school campus.

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Needless to say, this writer had a grand time looking over the personal treasures of our senior citizens here in the city, which were graciously brought out for public viewing. Seeing all those old black and white photographs, TV sets of different models, typewriters, dial up telephones and other thingamajigs elicited a feeling of elation akin to a gold panner's delight when he makes a lucky find. You just know when you strike it rich and you can't help but jump up and down from sheer joy. Oh what a happy feeling!

For one whole afternoon, I got engrossed with the vintage items, taking souvenir pictures of them and learning something new about the yesteryears.