IT'S like we've known each other all my life. I met him first when I was so much younger, some twenty years ago, in College. A time when I was full of big dreams and promises. Somehow the initial meetings drew a deep sense of knowing him. He was perfection personified and it would be interesting to be able to get up close and personal with him yet I never really got the chance. Since then, I've been waiting for that special time with him and the time has finally come.

The invitation to come visit was always open and I really had meant to oblige so many times. But then, things kept happening that kept me away from him, until now.

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It was raining and I went to his house looking like a wet dog. It was a very cold, and spring needed the rain for its flowers to bloom. "Well at least I have rosy cheeks!" I comforted myself as I took a deep breath before finally heading for the front door. I tried my best to look at least presentable; but surely he would understand. Right?

I never thought he'd live in such a wonderful place. Everything was absolutely visually appealing! Everybody looked beautiful! I was having a sensory overload as I went past everyone and everything. It made me feel out of place. I really felt I didn't belong. I felt like a midget surrounded by pomp and grandiosity! But that's okay, I never intended to stay too long anyway.

Finally, I was ushered to his place.

Heart in my throat, I stood before him. It was like I was meeting him for the first time all over again. I could feel my spine tingle. I was excited, but not really knowing how I would react. I felt like a giggly schoolgirl again but now I knew better than to giggle like crazy!! As I walked to the foyer, I reminded myself to act like a lady. Siempre, dapat dalagang filipina pa rin. Hehe. Then I saw him and my mouth dropped open. I was speechless and probably looked like a rabid, salivating crazy dog. Tsk.

There he stood in all his glorious youth, staring at me. David was magnificent!! I took my time to approach him, threading the marbled floors at tortoise's pace. I didn't want to look too eager. This is it! I was in my own movie and it was that slow motion part of film where the principal characters run to each other while the theme song blared to climax while they kissed...

No kissing allowed!! But I never took my eyes away from him. I was breathless and I had to take a moment. He was right there waiting for me, looking at me. I sat down and cried. The years of longing and hoping has come full circle. We were together. It felt surreal. I kept pinching myself just to check if I was really there and that it was not a dream.

"Finally we meet," I told him. "At long last!"

He stared. I waited. It felt like forever!

But he never said a thing! Such a snob!

But I knew that was how things were going to be between us. He was a superstar adored by millions over the course of many centuries. I was but a grain of sand. But I understood. Once I got my bearings back, I smiled at him. "The years have been kind to you, David. Although you lost an appendage because of that crazy guy who hammered your toe, you still look wonderful! Michelangelo will be so proud."

"Arriverdici David!! I kept my promise." :)

(The statue of David by Renaissance artist Michelangelo is displayed at the Accademia de Belli Arti Gallery in Florence, Italy. As an Art History Major prior to being a doctor, it was a dream come true to see him in his 'marbled' flesh. I wrote this piece on our way back to the hotel, after seeing him. I really felt like I had finally seen an old friend and so I really cried when I saw him, you can ask my mom. Hehe.)