GLOWING with positivity and she passes this on. That's what I have always described this lady, Nikki Serrano-Honasan, a friend and a yoga practitioner. She has opened herself to grace and she knows one day I will.

This is what I love about her. Nothing is ever compelled but believes and instills in everyone- that nothing is impossible.

Yoga, for me, is one of these items on the bucket list that I want to get into. Fitness or vanity, Nikki says whatever your drive is, the result will always be positive. Good health is just one of the product.

A positive outlook is another. I know I need and want both. As Nikki has suggested, do your daily morning stretches. It has become a routine and I believe I am on my way to checking another achievement on my list- get into yoga. If this girl did it, I know I can. Her story began not too long ago.

"Five years ago I experienced my first yoga class at Mandala Spa in Boracay.

Immediately I knew it was the start of something beautiful," Nikki said.

"Under the guidance of my teacher & dear friend Karen Villarica Neff (formerly Karen Reina), I started teaching in 2006. In 2008 I became a certified yoga instructor after completing a 200 hour teacher training course in the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, India. As my practice deepened, I began to try other styles of hatha yoga and the philosophy behind each one. It was only in 2009 when I finally found the style of yoga which rang true for me, physically & spiritually - Anusara Yoga."

Anusara means "to flow with grace" and this has completely changed Nikki's practice. Its intelligent approach to the body using the Universal Principles of Alignment combined with a life-affirming Tantric philosophy inspires her as a teacher and as a student of yoga. "It continues to transform, heal, strengthen and open my mind and my body," she affirms. "As I learn to go deeper into my practice, I learn to align myself in all the right ways. It's such a joy to teach yoga, to share what I've learned, to heal and make a difference."

Anusara Yogar certification is among the most professional and demanding in the world, requiring many years of dedicated training. Among other requirements, it takes at least two years of professional teaching in hatha yoga, two years of Anusara practice and at least 200 hours of Anusara training to become an Anusara-Inspired Teacher.

"I'm deeply enjoying this process of learning and is fortunate to have completed 100 hours of Anusara workshops & immersions in Bali and Taipei as well as 50 hours of Level 1 Teacher Training and workshops in Greece and around Europe."

"When not traveling, I teach in Boracay with my co-founders who also teaches at True Yoga which runs daily yoga classes at True Food Indian Restaurant on White Beach, Station 2."

If you find yourself in paradise we all know as Boracay, this is where you find Nikki and yes, this is where you might find me as well opening to grace.

You will get your chance as well. On September 10 and 11, Nikki will hold a two-day workshop here in Davao and everyone is welcome to join, from beginners to those who wish to deepen their yoga practice.

Morning Workshop for the first day will be the three-hour introduction to the basics of Yoga through Anusara's uplifting philosophy and Universal Principles of Alignment and the afternoon workshop will focus on Hip-openers.

Day two morning workshop will focus on Backbends & Shoulder-openers and Forward Bends & Twists for the afternoon workshop.

Each workshop is 3 hours of asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), savasana (lying-down meditation) and demonstrations & adjustments of poses in between.

Maybe it is time for you to open to grace. Give it a shot.

(For inquiries and reservations to Nikki Serrano-Honasan's Two Day Anusara Yoga Workshop, please call South Studio at 234-4042 or 0922-990-0477 or visit them at Door 3, Damosa Building, Angliongto Ave. (Mamay Road), Davao City.)