MY MOTHER Ruby is seventybloomin-five. She has had her senior citizens' card for some time now, and used to enjoy 20% off on some things in some places. But with the Expanded Senior Citizens Act that took effect just weeks ago, she tells me that she now enjoys 32% off on many things in more places. I devote this week's column to several of her favorites around the landscape of Baguio's proverbial main street.

KFC. There's one on Session Road and another on Perfecto Street. According to my mom, the branch on Session has always respected the senior citizens' discount, unlike some places that used to try to dodge giving it, or giving just 15%, or whatnot. KFC Session now gives her the full 32% off on her bill, as does the new branch on Perfecto. Also, she says to make sure that I write that the staff are the nicest people, generally.

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Mercury Drug on Upper Session Road. Just across from KFC Session, this place also gives my mother a full 32% off on her medicines. They do so as a matter of course, as it should be. I used to see seniors in other places have to majorly assert themselves just to get the old 20% discount, with a lot of whining from the other side of the counter. Bad form, bad for business. There are places I simply do not go to because I heard them say to some hapless senior that they could not give the discount "kasi lugi na kami." They ought to learn how to read.

Swiss Baker on Session Road. For the record, Swiss Baker has great bread. Most likely, we laud them for their healthy innovations, especially that wheat pan de sal. That said, it was the staff themselves of Swiss Baker that even pointed out to my mom that she was now entitled to the new 32% discount, when she recently looked askance at how much change she was given. Bravo, Swiss Baker.

While this column ends, let's not forget that SM lets the seniors into their moviehouses for free at designated times. Should be all the time, that one. Especially for movie buffs like my mom.