IF THERE is a perceived tiff, then it's all a creation of media, that's how Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte described the seeming conflict between him and his daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte.

"It's the nature of media itself to create situations where they would ask the parties involved for something to say on the matter. The questions were framed as to create intriga (issue)," he said.

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He stressed that he supports the mayor fully.

"I must give all my support because I campaigned for her whether tama or mali iyang gibuhat. Maybe I will just point it out in private (if she's on the wrong path)," Vice Mayor Duterte said in his television program.

The talks about a tiff came out after the mayor rooted for the appointment of City Administrator Zuleika Lopez, even changing her appointment as officer-in-charge.

Lopez was grilled, her capability to run the City Hall questioned, by the City Council led by Vice Mayor Duterte.

The vice mayor stands pat on his questions about Lopez's managerial experience.

"The law is the law. Period," the vice mayor said. He and the council had earlier said Lopez lacks the five-year managerial experience required of a city administrator.

The mayor in turn berated the City Council for not giving their concurrence.

But the Vice Mayor did not reply to this.

"Di ko mutubag (I will not reply). I never answered my daughter. It was never directed to my daughter but to the other person. Wala mi nagdrama (We're not acting this out)," the elder Duterte said.

The mayor, on the other hand, also denied they have a personal conflict with her father saying what they did not meet eye to eye on was simply because of their jobs, her in the executive and him in the legislative branches of the City Government. (Jereco O. Paloma)