SECOND district Congressman Erico Basilio Fabian has officially made representations requesting the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to deploy the Army's Riverine Battalion in Zamboanga City.

Fabian said he already sent an official communication to AFP Chief-of-Staff General Ricardo David Jr., endorsing the letter of Mayor Celso Lobregat with corresponding City Council resolution requesting for the immediate deployment of the said battalion to the city.

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Fabian said the request is aimed to strengthen the security in Zamboanga City's coastal areas to deter the entry of lawless elements, especially the kidnap-for ransom-group (KFRG).

Two people, including a Swiss-born Filipino, were kidnapped in Zamboanga City by gunmen who are believed to be members of the KFRG.

The Riverine Battalion will augment the forces of the military's Task Force Zamboanga, as well as the police forces in handling the security in the city, Fabian said.

Zamboanga City served as the home to the Riverine Battalion few years back prior to the group's deployment to another place. (Bong Garcia)