NO, I didn't watch the Miss Universe Pageant live. I only found out about the way our bet answered her question from my boss while busy at work.

Bonggang, bongga ang sagot ineng na laspag ang pagka tarush ng rampadorang beauty. Tsugi tuloy sa shongang sagot.

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Okay, first off, she is an exotic beauty. Her detractors who believe she looks like a maid should be proud of the Maid made in Pinas - a Pinay katulong whose physical attributes reaches the universe's standard of beauty.

Secondly, even if there are those who dislike her features, I think her catwalk and presentation skills were the best together with Ms Jamaica's (Beyonce look-alike). Those rice fields in Bicol do make a lady a rampadora.

So we now end up with her answer to her question.

1. She answered it much more calmly than Ms Miriam Quiambao back in 1999 whose voice was quavering back then.

2. Her major major boo-boo if you wish to call it, is now a natural expression of the younger set. It stresses a point to the max. Bonggang bongga. Overly major. Major major. Super to the max. So I think her major major answer has to be taken in context with the current culture of the youth. Is it acceptable for me? In this scenario? Or one where you are applying to be an ambassador? The answer is no. I wouldn't be surprised if the Department of Education would use this as an armamentarium in their quest to push for an additional two years in our basic education which I agree with as part of a long-term solution in improving the educational system (but first, do give our students able-minded faculty members in all levels).

3. If she was an honor student, oh my, then how do I compare?

4. The question asked was whether she had any major problems encountered. Well, lucky her for not having to encounter a major or even a major major problem. But then again, perhaps that was why she lost her chance because a major problem was asked and not a doubly major one. Wala po talaga eh. Humingi pa nga ng paumanhin at wala nga talaga. What can you do if she never had a super major dilemma or crisis? Perhaps she had numerous minor infinitesimal glitches but this was not asked - farting in a filled elevator, getting a 1.25 as a final grade, eating one chicken wing too many, or mistaking me for a hunk. No major problems? OK.

5. She came off as incompetent answering that way even if she did not intend to. Plus, she came off as an arrogant bitch - Miss Perfection. I remember a similar question years ago directed to a candidate from India. She too came off arrogant in answering the question. Perhaps this should be a standard test question in Madam Stella Araneta's training program.

Majorly major bonggang bongga. Yun lang po. Can we now put this thing to rest because it is becoming deafeningly dated and irritation to the stratospheric heights, di ba?