FORT DEL PILAR - Thousands took the recently concluded PMA Entrance Examination (PMAEE) nationwide.

PMA information Chief Captain Lynette Flores said 8,007 completed the PMAEE comprising of various academic fields.

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Flores said the number is higher that 2009's count making it two percent more. There were 8,300 who registered for the examinations.

Applicants who will pass requirements for cadet admission will be part of PMA Class 2014

There were 15,486 applicants nationwide with 5,297 walk-in applicants and 2,736 who were qualified to take the military assessment exam.

Examinations took place at Fort Del Pilar here Sunday, Aug. 31 and at 31 other centers throughout the country.

Examination Centers in Manila with 521 examinees, Baguio City with 487 and Quezon City with 434 are among the top three centers nationwide.

Applicants were not fazed by the recent death of PMA cadet 2nd Class Anthony Pastores who suffered an acute subdural hemorrhage which resulted to his death Aug. 21, after losing a boxing match during the academy intramurals.(Maria Elena Catajan)