VALUE of Net Sales Index (VaNSI) continued to grow at a faster rate of 16.9 percent in June this year, according to the Monthly Integrated of Selected Industries (MISSI) of the National Statistics Office (NSO).

The growth was recorded in 14 major sectors which exhibited two-digit increases in sales value. These include petroleum products, leather products, transport equipment, miscellaneous manufactures, basic metals, machinery except electrical, beverages, fabricated metal products, electrical machinery, paper and paper products and textiles.

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On a monthly basis, the VaNSI accelerated by 5.7 percent in June 2010 due to the growth in sales exhibited by 13 major sectors, with two-digit increases observed in publishing and printing, beverages, basic metals, fabricated metal products and miscellaneous manufactures.

Meanwhile, the Volume of Net Sales Index (VoNSI) gained by 24.1 percent in June 2010.

This was attributed to the better performances of 16 major sectors in sales output led by machinery except electrical and electrical machinery with growth rates recorded at 52.1 percent and 47.6 percent, respectively.

On a month-on-month basis, VoNSI improved by 4.8 percent in June 2010, which was recorded in 12 major sectors with two-digit increases. These include publishing and printing, beverages, basic metals, furniture and fixtures, fabricated metal products and miscellaneous manufactures.

The MISSI is one of the designated statistical activities undertaken by NSO to provide flash indicators on the performance of growth-oriented industries in the manufacturing sector.

The survey gathers monthly data on employment, compensation, production, net sales, inventories and capacity utilization.

The MISSI utilizes the Laspeyres-type method of index computation where the weights are computed from the value of production of the Census of Philippine Business and Industry (CPBI). Rebasing of data series is undertaken as soon as new CPBI are available.

For the 2010 MISSI index series with base year of 2000, the weights of the major sectors and sub-sectors were computed from the results of the 2000 CPBI for manufacturing establishments with average total employment of 20 and over.

The indices generated from the 2010 MISSI are Value of Production Index (VaPI), Volume of Production Index (VoPI), Value of Net Sales (VaNSI) and Volume of Net Sales (VoNSI).

However, the VoPI and VoNSI are derived indicators utilizing the Producer Price Index as deflator. PR