JAKARTA, Indonesia — A train crash in central Indonesia killed at least 36 people and injured dozens Saturday, many of them critically, officials and witnesses said.

The accident occurred at a station in Petarukan, a city in Central Java province, at 3 a.m. (0800 GMT; 9 p.m. EDT Friday) as most passengers were sleeping.

A train from the capital, Jakarta, slammed into another train sitting idle at the platform.

By early afternoon, only one body was still trapped inside the wreckage, said Marsono, a rescuer who goes by only one name.

Thirty-five other bodies were brought to nearby hospitals, said Tri Yuniasari, a spokeswoman from the Hasyim Ashari hospital.

Earlier, Cendana Banandi, a government life insurance official, put the death toll at 43. He later revised his figure to 36 as well. (AP)