MANILA – Six fraternities denounced the bloody post-Bar blast at De La Salle University last week while asking the authorities to act swiftly and render justice to the 47 victims.

The fraternities include the Scouts Royale Brotherhood, Tau Gamma Phi-Quezon City, Delta Sigma Xi, Sigma Epsilon Phi, Alpha Phi Omega and Beta Sigma.

The group held a candle lighting ceremony Friday night at La Salle, wherein they asserted shun violence and that “real frat men and women are advocates of leadership, friendship and service.”

“We denounce this gross display of brutality, which caused severe injury to innocent people and damage to property. We hope and pray that the swift hand of the law will immediately arrest the perpetrators of this horrific crime and render justice to those aggrieve,” the fraternities said in a joint statement.

Authorities are still verifying reports whether the blast was allegedly caused by warring fraternities from different law schools.(Virgil Lopez/Sunnex)