CLASSES were suspended in the Southwestern University (SWU) in Cebu City as fire hit Barangay Sambag 1 in the city past 9 a.m. Monday.

The fire was believed to have been caused by an electrical short circuit in a house of one Caridad Sanchez in Sitio Atis, which is located at the back of the SWU.

The fire, which already reached the Task Force Charlie alarm, quickly spread as houses and boarding houses, mostly rented by students, were made of light materials. The fire area is also surrounded by trees.

The roof of SWU's College of Engineering building was already burned as of this posting Monday.

Fire trucks from Danao City and fire fighters from Argao also helped the Cebu City Fire Department in putting off the blaze.

Authorities said the residents affected will temporarily be evacuated at the barangay gym. Packed lunch will be readied for the victims.

Students were also evacuated.

As of this posting, firefighters are still conducting operations to put off the fire. (Sunnex)