MANILA -- Two days before President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III celebrates his 100th day in office, the opposition party at the House of Representatives came out with a list of standards Filipinos can use to assess the President's performance.

Minority Leader Edcel Lagman said that through the ten-point standard crafted by their bloc, their stand will not be questioned for being one-sided.

"Instead of making that assessment by grading the President's performance from a scale of one to ten, we submit these standards and you decide. Let the people decide. I am not going to give a grade," he told reporters during their weekly briefing.

The standards they have set are as follows:

1) Aquino's ability, agility and alacrity in responding to a crisis situation and its aftermath;

2) Existence, substance and viability of the Aquino administration’s legislative agenda;

3) Adequacy and import of the President’s policy prioritizations and budgetary allocations in the National Expenditure Program (NEP);

4) Choice of presidential appointees on the basis of qualification, experience and integrity;

5) Capacity to confront the present and plan the future, instead of perpetually complaining about the past and castigating predecessors;

6) Response to criticisms and critics;

7) Decisiveness of actions and judiciousness in resolving options;

8) Statesmanship over partisanship;

9) Sincerity and credibility over bare propaganda and populist pronouncements; and

10) Resoluteness in confronting and solving the population issue without fear or favor.(Kathrina Alvarez/Sunnex)