MANILA -- Malacanang on Thursday set another date for the release of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s decision on the Incident Investigation and Review Committee (IIRC) recommendations in connection to the August 23 hostage crisis.

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Eduardo de Mesa said Aquino’s final judgment on those who are liable for the hostage mess will be revealed Monday.

“We’re still finalizing it and the President intends to come out with the report on Monday,” de Mesa said.

Aquino once again asked for more time to study the IIRC report and the review given by his legal team.

His aides defended that the President wanted to come up with careful decisions and make sure appropriate charges be filed against those who showed incompetence in duty during the bungled hostage rescue, which resulted to the death of eight foreign tourists.

“He wants to be sure that if cases are to be filed that they will prosper and that we will not unnecessarily charge anybody,” de Mesa added. (Jill Beltran/Sunnex)