IT IS not often that you can say you have gone to one fabulous party. But what is good for you may not for the others. Just like beauty, fun is subjective. So what really makes a great party?

Here's a great idea that might just work for you.

Timeline: First 100 days of the Aquino presidency

It only took a few of very close friends and plan a surprise party for another member of the clique. Simple, nothing fancy, no hardcore themes that will come out ostentatiously pretentious that will forever be captured in photographs, twenty-five or so of the celebrant's closest friends so you don't have to get stuck with people you hardly know who speaks with call center English that will make your nose bleed, finger foods and whatever else anyone can bring, a party potion plus ask your friends to bring their alcohol of preference, let it happen in a small venue to keep it intimate, keep an open mind, no high expectations. After all, it's not all about you but about the recipient of the celebration.

A conniving group is a vital key to making the whole surprise a success. There will be a decorator, a planner to get the act together seamlessly and the most crucial element- the usher/chaperone/the biggest liar who will have to keep a straight face (get a theater major if you have one in the list. Anavi, you did a great job!) and come up with a very credible reason why they should visit the venue. Not even a tinge of something brewing should be sniffed.

The party was for Otoy M., everybody's favorite party figure, product endorser, creative (and tasteful) designer turned make-up artist to Davao's most beautiful faces and dabbles with fashion styling on the side. Forever everyone's good friend, he usually hosts the parties but on this night, the favor was to be repaid- with a blast!

Humorous was how the party all started when Otoy refuse to enter the dimly lit venue with people milling around. Literally pushed inside, it was after a few minutes that he recognized everyone's faces and realized the it was all for him.

Customary birthday song plus blowing of candles, kiss-kiss, nibble-nibble (on the finger foods please) and sipping the Long Island Ice Tea, Ken and Joel's traitorous concoction got the party underway.

After a few more bouts with the party's magic potion, everybody got into the gyrating mood - and I mean EVERYBODY. Even the meekest let lose their inhibitions and partied. It was an even playground, if you think you're unusually wild for your own eyes, you're not the only one.

High - this would be the perfect description for all. No pretensions and no one cared whatever move you make. In fact, you will be applauded if you let that so-you-think-you-can-dance monster in you.

It was a party where you can let your hair down and be yourself, leave your valuables laying about without fear of losing it and move your hips ala Latin danseur and not even worry about the aching waist you will have to deal with the day after (right, Joel?). The hang-over might be worse.

As to when this will happen again, I do not know. But let me tag this as number one in my list of the Best Party of 2010. Although it was a private one, everyone in attendance is unanimously agreeing with my entry. If not, you must have omitted reading "my list."

Most importantly, your efforts become worthwhile if the celebrator you threw your big bash for had a time of his life. That's what counts most in gauging if the party was a success or not. We all had fun, we hope that Otoy did as well.

(Photos in this page were carefully chosen to protect the reputation of the subjects. Har-har!)