WHAT started off as a past time among friends has now evolved into a memorable time in their respective lives, earning the following of thousands from the local music scene, they bring to the stage what they do best, bring everyone to a dancing move with their music “Raggae Core”.

Since they started in 1999, Akit Po, Yanix Secong, Boobop Nunez, Brian Estillore and Franklin Veloso has put their friendship above the success that they have wherein the closeness with one another attributes to the rise of one of Cebu’s premier band “POWERSPOONZ”.

Akit, who is the vocalist of the group said that, “ we came from different bands in high school and eventually the closeness we had immediately triggered the forming of a band with a genre of rap metal and .” He added that,” everyone liked the idea so we went through with it.”

After playing for months, Powerpoonz then embarked on the Battle of the Bands in 2000 wherein this pushed their careers forward after romping off with the title.

The group played for years in the local scene with part time gigs outside Cebu City. This caught the eyes of San Miguel as they were included in the 2005 Manila Tour with some of local bands like Ambassadors and Cattskie.

With this, the group earned so many friends as they showed what true Cebuanos are made of. “We are proud to be Cebuano’s and that is why we take all our gigs to the next level,” Yannix told Weekend. “We are all about the friendship we have for one another and also our fans,” he added.

The group also has the philosophy that everyone must agree to everything. “All must agree and if one disagrees then we won’t push through,” Akit said.

When the music scene in Cebu died down many years back, Powerspoonz was still persistent and they had gigs once a month to suffice their passion for Cebu music.

However, when the rock scene suddenly came alive they were still on top of their gig with having the recent 2009 Visayan Music Festival as unforgettable when fans come up the stage with some asking for their earrings, guitar picks and many more.

Also, Powerspoonz attributes their musical inclinations to various foreign artists like the Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine, Manu Katchi, Panthera and more.

Brian who is the bands of guitarist expresses the harmony and “pagkabarkada” with each other as their main source of energy.

As of now, Powerspoonz is taking it to the next level with their upcoming self titled album which is in the works with 10 songs purely reggaecore.

The band expresses that,” we are happy where we are right now and where ever the music scene takes us then that is our future,” adding with a resounding “We would like to thank all our fans for the support and see you in our future gigs!”