MANILA -- Barangays should keep their share of the community tax they collect instead of waiting for the city treasurer to hand it over, Senator Edgardo Angara said Wednesday.

According to Angara, the Local Government Code gives barangays a 50 percent share of the community tax.

The current practice, however, is for the city or municipal treasurer to hold the funds until the barangay asks for money.

“This causes delays in the barangay’s projects and services, and results in a generally poor opinion towards the leaders of the community,” he said.

Angara has re-filed a bill allowing barangays to automatically keep their share of the community tax and just remit half to the City Hall.

He said giving barangays cash on hand will make them more effective at providing basic services to residents.

“Our barangays are very important units of the local government since they have direct ties to our communities,” Angara said. (Jonathan de Santos/Sunnex)