MANILA -- Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile renewed the call Sunday to give Philippine troops equipment to help them defend national territory, including the disputed Spratly islands.

The Philippines has filed a formal protest against a map that China submitted to the United Nations in 2009, claiming the entire South China Sea as its territory.

Enrile said on dzBB, however, that the diplomatic protest means little.

"In the game of nations, in the end it is about power. Kung sino ang may maraming baril, may maraming sundang, sila ang hari," he said.

Enrile, a former defense minister, said the country's leaders have to discuss increasing Philippine military strength.

"We have no guns, and we have to ask, is this as far as we'll go? Are we determined to strengthen our air force and our navy?" he said. (Jonathan de Santos/Sunnex)