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Stockton Group, an international company operating in the country through the Stockton Agrimor Philippines Inc., launched in Davao its latest fungicide product that wil eventually put an end to banana industry's problem on black sigatoka.

Timorex Gold is a natural fungicide developed to effectively and sustainably control the black sigatoka in banana. It is the first organic fungicide registered in pursuant to Republic Act 10068 or Organic Agriculture Act of 2010 in the country.

"We are very much excited with the official and grand launch of the product (Timorex Gold) in the Philippines. We have been growing and investing our business here for some quite time. This will truly benefit the banana industry in the Philippines, knowing that banana is one of the country's most exported commodity which contributes a lot in the economy," Ziv Tirosh, global CEO and president of the Stockton Group said, adding that they are introducing the product in the Philippines for exploratory and testing purposes.

Agriculture Sec. Proceso Alcala, in a speech during the product launching at the SMX Convention Center, said that the product will effectively protect the agriculture sector particularly the banana industry from damaging effect of the black sigatoka disease.

"I'd like to commend the Stockton Company for developing and introducing to the Filipino farmers and growers an organic and reliable fungicide like Timorex Gold. What's good in this product is it's certified organic, does not damage beneficial insects and is a fully secure product for aerial spraying and other conventional methods. It addresses the banana growers’ requirements for a greener and sustainable agricultural environment,' he said.

Timorex Gold is a natural fungicide made from the extract of the Australian “tea tree” or Melaleuca alternifolia plant. The plant extract offers multiple modes of action fungal and bacterial cells by disrupting the cell wall and membrane, and affecting the mitochondria and respiration.

"It's been 15 years that we are developing this product because bio-pesticides were not accepted in agriculture, they were deemed at lower product and only now they realize that there is s a lot of value in bio-pesticides that they are really good in agriculture," Tirosh said.

He also said that the product has benefits including increase of leaf production and yield parameters, no chemical residues on leaves, zero toxic loads, harmless to beneficial insects and bees, crop protection, can be used in conventional and organic agriculture, among others.

At present, Timorex Gold is registered and sold in over 24 countries by Stockton. The company has offices in 20 countries and operates in about 40 countries.