THE spotlight was on 16 very young artists at the opening of the second student art exhibit of “Artastic!” at the first floor lobby of the Banilad Town Centre (BTC) recently.

“Artastic!” highlighted the imaginative and creative works of Artastic! Art Enrichment Program students Tia, Jazz, and Zoe Rosengrave, Hyun-Seo Lee, Mayella Selma, Skyler Cuenco, Sophie Chiongbian, Zuri Anzani, Ariana Gonzalez, Dior Gothong, Izzie and Kirsten Morissey, Ed and Eve Onglatco, Luke Sarmiento and Ieia Valenzuela.

According to Hannah Martinez, creator and teacher of Artastic! “This exhibit’s inspiration comes from different art movements, the life and work of different artists throughout the history of art such as: Joan Miro, Andy Warhol and Pacita Abad as well as cultures from around the world. I also chose to use a lot of color in the themes of their artwork for this batch.”

The exhibit was attended by family and friends of the students plus some prominent artists in Cebu, among them Kimsoy Yap and Gabriel Abellana, who graced the event to witness the next generation of artists. Interactive art stations and photo printing added to the fun of the exhibit where the creative outputs of the guests and the children made for memorable souvenirs. Refreshments were provided by Crema and Mai Foodie.

Everyday items were transformed into unique works of art with the use of mixed media, crafts, bright colors and a lot of imagination. Bright colors and the kids’ creativity set this exhibit apart from the rest. A Warhol Wall, an ode to Andy Warhol, the pioneer of Pop Art was an added attraction.

The Artastic! program encourages children to explore and learn about the world of art through the use of different mediums such as watercolor and acrylic painting, drawing, mixed media and crafts among others. It allows them to create art inspired by the work and lives of some of the most famous artists in the world, beautifully illustrated books, nature, movements in art history and much more. At the same time, it gives them a venue to express what they have learned in their own individual styles. For more information, check out or email Hannah Martinez at