IT'S Kadayawan and with all those visitors wanting to eat, eat, and eat, you'd run out of ideas where to bring your guests in. Thus, we run a list for those who need some help.

Of course, there's the regulars Harana for the grilled food and other Filipino cuisine (and their playground) along F. Torres Street, then there's Dencia's along General Luna Street for the forever favorite tokwa't baboy and a lot of other Chinese fusion food that has become familiar to the Dabawenyo palate, and Marinatuna along the highway in Barrio Pampanga.

But these are places that will surely be teeming with people, and so we offer alternatives that Dabawenyos can be proud to bring their visitors to. (Not that we're running the risk of seeing alternatives that are filled to the brims as well).

There's Tiny Kitchen, which is no longer as tiny but still as cramped when all gourmands of Davao decide to eat. Their pastas are to die for, and if you're looking for Osso Buco, this is the place to be. Bring home some of their cookies and cakes too. For yourself, for pasalubong. Tiny Kitchen is along F. Torres Street, beside the entrance driveway of Holiday Fitness Gym.

Have you tried the kidney pie at Der Boerderij? If you're not into kidney pies, then even their pizza pie is good, and their burgers too. Der Boerderij, a Dutch pub, is along MacArthur Highway in Matina. It's between NCCC Mall and DCWD, along the side of DCWD just a few meters from Swiss Deli-Matina, which is another place to eat in.

Pastas, sausages, salads, steaks. That is what Swiss Deli is all about. They now have two branches, the original one in Lanang across Damosa and this one in Matina.

Aside from the famous Claude's, there's another authentic French restaurant in town as well, Bon Appetit at Plaza del Carmen along Loyola Street in Barrio Obrero a hundred or less meters before Loyola intersects J.P. Laurel Avenue in Bajada.

Now, the best paella negra in town is at Belito's Vineyard. If you are craving for paella negra, Belito's is a must-go place. Promise, you wouldn't mind smiling with blackened teeth.

Finding the place is a bit tricky to the unfamiliar. It's at Palm Drive. No. not Palm Village, but Palm Drive. Palm Village is at Barrio Obrero. Palm Drive is in Bajada. We are going to PALM DRIVE.

It's across Rivera Village (which is beside Coca-Cola sales office in Bajada). Go in, count three corners then when you see the Land Bank logo, slow down. There's an open lot on the left that has two white posts, short posts, just around waist-high. Go in. Don't argue, just go in.

Now, if you would want to taste tuna paksiw like you've never tasted it before, head forth to DBP Village in Ma-a. Everyone who knows it knows it's Ellen's, but those who don't won't because it doesn't have a sign. Turn right at the first corner of Ma-a Road from the MacArthur Highway junction, and go in a few meters until you see something that looks like a small restaurant to the right. Order their fried tuna buntot na paksiw (and yes, their lechon kawali as well), and swoon.

There's more, but we’re running out of space.

Check out if your friends know Drifter's Apartel and British Bar (in Nova Tierra Village in Lanang) and order their fish and chips while playing pool.

For the "cowboy," go Liza's at Times Beach. There's Lyndon's World's Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken along Roxas Avenue and don't forget Picobello at the top of Gaisano Ilustre. Or to get conked out with food, go buffet at Glamour Buffet Crabs along Padre Gomez Street and Ayang's along Tionko Avenue.

I can go on and on, but I have to stop. This should keep you busy. I'm sooo hungry now.