Saturday August 18, 2018

Letter to the editor: Let us crush the ASG, make them ‘history’

ANOTHER incident of ambush occurred in Patikul, Sulu where two soldiers were killed instantly by armed men while they were boarding their service vehicle to return to camp after buying from the market in Jolo.

Why these do always happen? Who are behind these killings?

We are not ignorant to the issue in Mindanao, even decades ago, everything is clear about the drama these bandits bring to us especially when it comes to the barbaric acts of the Abu Sayyaf Group. They are merciless and unfeeling.

It makes me very angry every time I hear news about them killing people again and again. It is like a cycle already that goes on and on that lives within us that seems endless.

I hope we all learn from this. Let us help one another in fighting these outlaws by simply getting involved in the community through giving information to the government it needed. We are the ones who will benefit from it anyway.

Let us crush the ASG slowly until they become history.

Michelle Gonzales
Resident, Barangay Putik, Zamboanga City