Thursday July 19, 2018

Soli-soli Fest boosts economy as more tourists visit San Fran

THE Soli-soli Festival is a big help to San Francisco town’s economy, said town Mayor Aly Arquillano.

The San Francisco town celebrated its 12th Soli-soli Festival yesterday.

Today, the town will hold its yearly fiesta in honor of their patron, San Jose.

Arquillano said the festival helped in the town’s economy as more tourists are coming and buying their products.

Soli-soli is a type of grass that grows around Lake Danao.

It is one of the main sources of livelihood as soli-soli is used to make mats. The mats are sold for at least P35.

Naida Arquillano, the municipal budget officer and the festival organizer, said the town set a P1.5 million budget for its festival.


There were six clustered contingents who joined the competition.

Each contingent, which is composed of three barangays, were subsidized with P50,000.

The barangays also contributed an amount for the contingent’s props, costumes and expenses for the dancers.

Naida said the contingents’ performances improved through the years.

She said that although that the contingents only hired local choreographers, the
performances have leveled up.

She said the festival was patterned after the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo, the grand festival of the Provincial Government.

Among the categories were showdown competitions, street dancing, best in costume and best in audio van.

The first prize winner got P40,000, while P30,000 and P20,000 went to the second and third prizes.

Mayor Arquillano said that although they are spending a big amount for the festival, they believe it is a good investment since it will generate more economic activities and revenues.


In 2011, the town’s income reached P7 million. In 2012, the revenue reached P9 million to P10 million.

“The festival gives the pride to the town,” Arquillano said in Cebuano.

He said the festival has put Camotes island in the tourism map.