MINDANAO’s daily eight-hour brownouts should make the Earth cooler than the celebrated annual Earth Hours. We in Cebu and Manila should teach Mindanao folks to enjoy their excellent opportunity of helping cool the Earth rather than complaining about having no power.

The irony is that the expensive power barges mitigate the power crisis in Mindanao.

But these emit more carbon into the atmosphere than coal-fired plants. The other option is to enjoy the brownouts until we can afford solar and wind power.

We in the Visayas and Luzon pride ourselves with the luxury of being able to shut off lights one hour every year. Meanwhile, it is so easy for us to turn on the aircon all day long to combat the heat, not minding the ozone damage we are making.


Many Catholics feel so blessed and holy as they refrain from eating pork or beef every Friday. But how about our less privileged brothers and sisters who can only afford noodle soups as viands every meal, every day? Should they also refrain from buying the pork and beef flavored varieties? Puol sab magsigi og chicken noodle soup oi?


I expect Pope Francis I to seize this Holy Week as an occasion to unveil socially-relevant changes that address problems involving the wide divide between the rich and poor. I agree. Reflections and forgiveness on Holy Week should not stop at personal sins. We should also address social sins like corruption.

So far, simple actions like Pope Francis I asking the people to bless him have gone unnoticed by a laity that wants change. This Lent will be an excellent moment for him to spell out more clearly the directions he is going to take the Catholic Church and the world.


There is really something wrong when the enforcement agency tasked with monitoring drug lords is mum on the illegal operations in a Cebu city barangay of brothers of a politician. Barangay officials and ordinary residents openly talk about these brothers. Maybe our law enforcers don’t want to be accused of politicking especially that we are entering the campaign period this week. Mapildi nya kuno ang protektor. Or they are just plainly on the take? How long can they keep the general public in the dark?

I am not an authority, but I can write about what I hear. I hope word has also reached civil society groups like the Dilaab. We also have media friends who are into the anti-drug advocacy like Paul Oaminal and Gerry Auxilio. Unsa katinuod ang hungihong, mga bosing?


Is the latest controversy involving the love life of Chiz Escudero helping his campaign? The way I see it, I am realizing that there is no truth to talks that the Chiz-Heart love story is for campaign purposes only.

Months ago, social media expert Janette Toral talked about Chiz being a top runner in the senatorial race because of his relationship with actress Heart Evangelista. I thought then that the timing was suspect and so I went along with those who believed it was all for show.

Today, I think the Chiz candidacy will fly or fall based on this love affair. A friend said her barkada is closely following the Chiz-Heart story like a teleserye. But another said she now hates Chiz.


Will senatorial candidates like Teddy Casiño get ahead using the Chiz Escudero formula? It will do the Bayan Muna party-list congressman no good.

Instead, he must find a way to tap thousands of former activists through the decades, not just to vote, but to actively campaign for him. Teddy has the advantage of having a reserve army of potential volunteers waiting to be tapped.

The time has come in the development of our democracy that we need somebody like Casiño to provide an alternative voice at the Senate. As I said before, we already have several Liberals and Nacionalistas. There are also former rebel soldiers, a Brenda, a former Marcos minister and a Marcos son. Why can’t we elect a senator from the Left? Usa lang para dunay laing tingog.


Student groups should use the momentum stirred by Kristel Tejada’s suicide to whip up a strong movement against another increase in tuition. In fact, they should make it an election issue. Student groups should make it suicide for candidates to support another round of tuition hikes. No student should take his or her life because a school administrator or owner has made education a privilege, not a right.