NO PHONE booth like Clark’s, twirling like Diana’s or bat cave like Bruce’s, no hammer or axe to wield, no “Ding, ang bato!”, just the everyday persona we wear doing what is instinctively right.

At any time we turn into heroes and make someone’s lip curve skyward or make the heart flutter with joy—the woman you helped cross the street, the lost man you pointed to the right direction, the time you spent volunteering for a worthy cause, or even just wearing a smile and sharing the good vibes. Deeds you may say “Oh, that’s nothing” may be perceived as the opposite and have a profound effect to the recipient, a good act is never too small. At the end of the day, will we ever know if we have inspired, changed or even save another person’s life?

The magiting (heroic, brave) extends help and expect nothing in return.

What turns the random act of kindness into super is when it becomes viral— it’s called paying it forward. Imagine what a wonderful world this would be if the chain of heroism stretches one link longer each day.

1. What makes a hero? 2. Who is your hero you? 3. What make me a hero? Here are some shared thoughts…

Kat Serrano

1. Anyone who wants to make a difference in this world, big or small, is a hero.

2. My mother who has gracefully balanced work and raising five stubborn kids without showing any signs of aging, and my husband who has stuck it out with me in a foreign land and given in to all my desires.

3. OFW -- ang bagong bayani -- that's me!

Dennis Salvador

People may make a big deal of seeing one serve others—persons, community, environment— as if it was an unnatural act, but we all do what we can for the betterment of our people. Most would have done that at one time or the other.

Art Boncato

A hero is one who saves. My hero is the one who saves. I will be a hero when I save myself from myself.

Addie Borbon

Being a hero should be an everyday thing, incorporated into your routine. Heroism, for me, would mean your willingness to give others the credit.

Otoy Mercado

1. A regular person who can make a change.

2. My mom. Though she never exerts any effort, you know that there will be a big change.

3. I try very hard to give my best in whatever I’m doing and create something beautiful.

Juan Mitra Sarenas

1. Selflessness.

2. My Mama. She has done everything for me and my siblings with no reserve.

3. By exemplifying what my Mom did for us.

Kail Bundalian

1. A hero has a dream for the majority and selfless.

2. Venerable Burin of the Dammakaya foundation. He graduated with a degree to land him a good career but chose to live a life of a monk—to meditate, teach, and spread inner peace to the world.

Rene Lumawag

My hero is my mother and I think it is true to the majority. A mother's concern for the child never ceases until she passes away. The image you will see in the mirror is the reason why your mother is a hero.

Celina Le Niendre

A hero is someone who brings strength where there is weakness, hope where there is none, believes when others have given up, continues to walk forward in spite of fear, in spite of judgment, despite himself, despite failures.

Patty Basa-Tan

A true hero's deed doesn't really need to be extravagant. It can just be as simple as offering help. He is someone who helps without question and does not feel the need to seek a token of appreciation for every good deed done.

Luisito Garcia Rabat

1. A hero must be a symbol of unity and must never fail to inspire.

2. My dad. He has never failed to unify and inspire our family.

3. I think what makes me a hero in my own way at this point in my life is my ability to follow and learn from other heroes.

Erwin Tan

1. Unconditional love makes one a hero.

2. My mother for the unconditional love and care she has given us. She gave us good education and values that enabled us to be successful in our lives.

3. By giving my best in what I do.

Eric Cembrano

1. Men for others.

2. My parents. They created, nurtured and molded me to be the summation of what a responsible decent, God fearing individual I am now.

3. It never crossed my mind that I am one.

Rovic Cuasito

1. When you think of others more than yourself.

2. Jose Rizal. I’m amazed at how he used his connections abroad for his homeland the Philippines. He didn’t use arms to show he’s fighting for his country.

3. Doing little things for others without them asking.

Langga Ramos

My grandmother, Chi-chi, is my hero. She cares about her family's well-being and tries to protect us in her own ways 24/7. Super powers: 1. Miles from home I can hear her soothing voice and feel her warm hug just thinking of her; 2. Her powerful prayers and endless novenas keep me safe every time; 3. She has an excellent 20/20 vision at her age; 4. She zip-lines at 86 young years.

Garimon Roferos

1. Strength and power.

2. My creative director, Michael Cinco.

3. To be creative, come up with new ideas each season for Michael Cinco Couture and sharing it to the world.

Jessica Patricio

1. Someone who makes a simple gesture of kindness everyday.

2. My father, he is my strength. Although he passed away 2004, he still lives in me.

3. In my profession, our priority is the safety and security of the aircraft and its passengers. It’s fulfilling whenever I see passengers happy from the moment they enter the plane to getting off it.

Kenneth Ong

1. The person who’s like a glowing candle in the dark, a beacon for others.

2. Doraemon. He is a steadfast friend to Nobita even if at times Nobita takes advantage of him.

3. Heroes don't realize they are heroes. They just are.

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