MANY subscribers of the telephone and Internet provider Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) – Philcom here in Cagayan de Oro have complained and criticized the intermittent, slow and even zero internet connections being experienced for several days now.

The glitch has already resulted to numerous economic losses of some business establishments especially internet cafes and travel agencies which solely rely on internet connections.

A travel agent in barangay Patag, who refused to be named, said his landline and internet connection suddenly bogged down on Thursday causing troubles and losses in his business dealings with clients.

“Isa ka minute lang nga mawala ang internet ug landline connection dako na og epekto sa negosyo kay unsaon pa man namo pag-transact sa amo business with the clientele kung wala kini (If I lose my internet and landline connection even for just one minute, it would gravely affect my business since we would not be able to transact with our clientele without it),” he said.

On Thursday afternoon, Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro witnessed a number of PLDT subscribers who had their telephone and internet connections discontinued because of poor technical assistance, no dial tones for several weeks, intermittent and slow internet connections, worst nothing at all.

The subscribers returned their modems, cables, and splitters of the internet connection as they discontinued their subscriptions.

Jonah Bautista, a resident in Macabalan, will only wait for a week for PLDT-Philcom to fix the telephone problem in her house. “I have enough of PLDT-Philcom’s poor services. I have been a subscriber for five years. If this problem is not addressed within one week, I will discontinue my subscription,” she said.

A resident of Trinitas Subdivision in Bugo who was queuing to discontinue her telephone subscription said she has been fed up by the poor connection of her phone. She had the internet discontinued already.

“For one month, the phone didn’t have a dial tone, well, the company adjusted the monthly bill but the poor connection defeats the purpose of installing the phone. I’d rather have it discontinued,” she said.

Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro also experienced glitches in its internet connection beginning May 20. The LAN connection didn’t work and slowed down the editorial and layout process.

The wifi connection only came back on May 30 after a night without an internet connection.


The problem that has been hounding the PLDT – Philcom recently is blamed on the “migration” that the company is undergoing to upgrade its system, a PLDT–Philcom employee, who requested anonymity fearing to lose his job, said.

According to him, the upgrading may cause problems especially to the old subscribers who were earlier asked to deactivate their lines.

“Medyo nag-pile na ang mga clientele na parehong nakaranas ng slow to no-internet connections because they failed to deactivate their lines despite prior notices sent to them,” he said.

He added the problem and the many complaints should serve as an eye-opener and as a challenge for him and the others to double their efforts.

However, the company failed to provide advisories on its technical upgrade and the inconveniences the subscribers have been confronting in the past days.