EVER wonder what waffles are made of? Check this out from squidoo.com.

Waffles are made of unleavened bread or dough-based cake, in which the batter is poured into a predecessor of the waffle iron. The waffle iron consists of two halves which are responsible for giving the waffles a distinctive pattern and shape. It sears the outside of the waffles and leaves the inside soft and fluffy.

The taste of waffles is somewhat like pancakes but they differ in the exterior surface in which waffles are coated with a patterned, thick, crispy and buttery surface.

The origin of waffles dates back to the Middle Ages. Belgium and other European countries were responsible for introducing the waffle concept to the whole world.

During the Middle ages, waffles were born through “wafers,” unleavened bread which were made by pouring batter into a waffle iron with two halves that were were pressed together, shaping the outside of the wafer and leaving the inside softer and more pale.

Over time, an assortment of waffles, including Belgian waffles were born through this technique. Other varieties of the wafer can be found in the form of pancakes and crepes.

Americans often call the common variety of waffles as Belgian Waffles which are actually Brussels waffles in Belgium. There are other types of Belgian waffles aside from the Brussels.