RESIDENTS in Upper Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City, found anew another dead body dumped on a roadside along Macapagal Road, Thursday morning.

Teresa Padin, 38, a resident of Villaverde, Upper Balulang, said it was the second time they discovered a cadaver in the area suspected of being summarily executed.

Padin said the perpetrators could have killed and thrown the body of the unidentified victim in the area.

Barangay councilor Roldan Mabaylan said the victim wore a red shirt and jeans with both hands tied behind his back. A small towel covered his face.

Mabaylan, also the village’s chair on committee on peace and order, said since they found a dead body dumped in their area, they started monitoring the place to prevent another similar occurrence.

With this, they also hope to apprehend the suspects and keep their area safe.

“Since a dead body has been dumped here, we have been monitoring the area. But maybe they’re also watching us. They wait for us to finish our roving using single motorcycle,” he said.

Nobody witnessed what happened and that no one heard of any gunshots.

Dr. Christian Caballes of the Scene of the Crime Operatives said they recovered nine empty shells of 9mm pistol and five empty shells of caliber .45 scattered at the site.

Caballes said two men could have killed the victim who bore seven gunshot wounds on the back and one on the head.

He said there were no signs that the victim was tortured before he was killed.

Caballes said they found no tattoo or any marks on the body, or any identification cards.

He said the body will be autopsied to further determine the cause of the death.

The male victim is about 5’4 to 5’5 in height.

Carmen police has yet to release a statement on the result of their investigation over the incident.

Meanwhile, Bollozos Funeral Homes will bury the body of the unidentified man who was killed and placed inside a trash bag dumped in Purok 4-A, Barangay Gusa last July 4.

The management said it intends to bury the decomposing body at the Bolonsori public cemetery in Camaman-an.