FILIPINOS are very creative and resourceful. This is one trait that sets us Filipinos unique and admired for by other nationalities.

Through the years, a number of Filipino inventions have made waves not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well.

Here are some of the famous Filipino inventions: Yoyo, by Pedro Flores; Karaoke sing-along system, by Roberto del Rosario; incubator by Fel del Mundo; Moon Buggy by Eduardo San Juan; Videophone by Gregorio Zara.

Filipino inventors and innovators continue to visit and get assistance from the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (Tapi), an agency under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) for the patenting of their work and to avail of the many programs.

Every year, too, Tapi organizes invention contests and always on a lookout for the best Filipino inventions and innovations.

In 2012, the following Best Filipino Inventions were recognized: Challenge 21 is a unique board game that promotes mental alertness, abstract thinking, observation skills and strategizing or thinking out-of-box. It is an invention of Leonardo Mejia Yu of Malate, Metro Manila;

Bamboo-splitting machine which can split round bamboo poles much faster than a bolo and produce straight and same-width splits. It is an invention of Stanley Malab and Jose Zafaralla of Mariano Marcos State University, Ilocos Norte; Utility ladder by Romulfo Sanchez of Bayombong, Nueva Viscaya. This invention is not only space-saving, but cost-saving, too, as it can serve many purposes—chair, iron stand, display, shoe or book rack; Powerline disconnection system is an invention of three University of Mindanao college students Kris Logie Mallorca, John Mark Coloma and Rae Reyes.

It is a system that enables remote stoppage (and relinking) of electrical connections and can be used in computers and mobile phones; Biomimetics: Ultrasound guide for the bline is a research of Chiqui Kate Orduna from Baguio Science High School, Baguio City which can detect blockages about three feet away, thus, warns the user by producing a sound through an earphone; Biotech rennet for cheese making was developed by Dr. Susana Mercado of the University of the Philippines.

It is an enzyme preparation that could substitute animal rennet as milk coagulant in cheese-making. It will benefit dairy-based businesses and decrease the country’s importation of rennet; Motorcycle stand alarming system is an invention of a 14-year-old student from Agusan del Norte named Timor Miguel El-estwani.

The system creates a sound to alert the driver starting the bike that the stand is still vertical. The alarm also goes off when the stand accidentally slides down to vertical position during the ride.

Vertical bike stands have caused a number of accidents; Compressed air thermal fel oil dryer is a gadget invented by Emiliano Quitol from Davao City. Through this gadget, used cooking oil can be recycled into quality biofuel to run internal combustion engines and other machines; Smark e-loading machine by Remnan Piczon and Jason Arroyo from Samar State University is a do-it-yourself service machine which enables the customer to simply drop the coin and key-in the mobile number that needs to be loaded. The machine makes for quick and accurate loading service.

One could not claim an intellectual property right to his/her invention, innovation or research work unless there is a patent to it.

To get a patent, just visit the nearest Intellectual Property Office in your area, or drop by the Technology Application and Promotion Institute’s Invention Development Division in Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila or their website,

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