ANOTHER body was found by residents early Wednesday morning in a secluded area in sitio Anhawon, barangay Bulua, police said.

Scene of the Crime Operatives (Soco) head Police Senior Inspector Christian Caballes said they have yet to establish the identity of the victim who died with four gunshot wounds on his head and two on his chest.

Caballes said the victim had the word “Junn” and a drawing of a human skull tattooed on his left arm.

“His arms were tied with a ‘plastic strap’, even his mouth was covered with a packaging tape,” he said.

Caballes said the victim was approximately 20-25 years old, about 5’5 to 5’6 tall, wore a red shirt and a matching red bonnet, skinny jeans and purple rubber shoes.

He said they found no ID or anything that could identify the victim.

Caballes called on concerned citizens or relatives who have missing a family member to visit Bollozos Funeral Parlor in Bulua to identify the victim.

He said Soco has yet to conduct an autopsy as of this posting.

Caballes said the crime site is far from any houses so it was unlikely that someone could have heard gun shots.

Second time

In a phone interview Wednesday, the Bulua police said the crime scene was so dark at night that residents would have no clue if something happens in there.

The police said it was the second time a dead body was found in the area.

But Bulua councilor Pedro Legaspi said they are planning on installing a street light but an electric post should be installed first.

Legaspi vowed to have it lighted so it can no longer become a dumping ground of dead bodies anymore.

For several months now, bodies found usually had their hands tied and mouth gagged. There were also several bodies found placed inside sacks. The killings have been suspected to be extra-judicial but none of the relatives filed any complaints.

The police have repeatedly denied of any ‘vigilantes’ in the city.

Another body found

Meanwhile, a cadaver was also found outside a department store near the Carmen public market Wednesday morning.

Carmen Police Station Chief Police Senior Insp. Alfredo Ortiz Jr. identified the victim as Danilo Reyes.

The victim died not of bullet wounds but of intoxicating liquor, Ortiz said, quoting statements from Reyes’s relative.

The authorities declared there was no foul play on his death.