It was a day filled with colors at the Villa de Mercedes (VDM) during its open house and post Araw ng Dabaw celebration last March 28.

VDM marketing and administrative manager Merci Duduaco said they regularly conduct the open house as a way to entertain prospective buyers and provide them with the feeling that they are being taken care off.

But the recent open house had its own twist as it featured the colorful costumes and cheerful dance numbers of the Kaagan Dance Company.

Executive and artistic director Jemael Jatico told Sun.Star Davao that the usual tribal performances have a serious tone and it can be noticed that the performers have a straight facial expression when they are dancing. Yet during the open house, the smiles of the performers are more than noticeable.

"You would notice that all of the performers are smiling and they are very lively. We intended to do such thing because we want to show to the people that despite the preconceived thought that Mindanao is scary because of the conflicts, the people here are warm and inviting," Jatico said.

The costumes of the performers left the guests wowed while the 30-minute interpretative dance performance of the Kaagan Dance Company astonished the guests as it featured the stunts of the bamboo dance and the different interpretative dance from the Iranun, Mandaya and Tausug tribes.

The performance was capped with the audience participation as the performers took in guests to dance with them in the center stage.

On the sales aspect, the representatives of VDM's sales and marketing department closed at more than 80 percent proving that the open house is a good venue for prospective buyers to see the beauty of VDM.