TO CHILL or not to chill? That is the question. Why not? That is the answer.

Now where to head to is another (perennially asked) question. I might be the wrong person to ask but hey, I still have a few years of carousing in me to check out the new clubs in town.

There’s this spot in the north of the city that recently beat the bush to pave a path to a new oasis, for the weekends at least. When else is the best time to unbutton the shirt and grab a cold drink after a week of toiling the desk? It should be nightly that we should treat ourselves if you ask me, even to just a glass of wine (I do, it’s a doctor’s prescription. Seriously.)

Then there are the motorists’ complaints of PDAF proportion about the heavy traffic along this section of the highway. Grumble away or bide your time until the congestion eases up at this poolside retreat of the Park Inn hotel.

There is something about hanging out by a pool of water that seems so soothing, thrown in the spectacle of the sky’s color transition from light to deep tones of blue. The couple certainly paints a pretty picture. With a glass of your favorite wine on hand, what else can you ask for? Music?

I was expecting another component of the sunset chill and hoping that they channel the Boracay vibe in their latest gig—a Dj dishing out chill-out music. But the hotel’s general manager, Geir Sikko, had something in mind, like connecting the tune to the musician, visual and auditory. So it came to be.

Weekends when the sun sets, the pool deck of Park Inn turns into an oasis of chill— the wines are chilled, the cocktails are divine, the music is relaxing, the moments can be priceless. So if you happen to live in the area, you’re lucky. But if circumstances lead you to this place, why not make it worth your time by making it as pleasurable as possible.

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