LOCAL chief executives (LCEs) of towns, cities and provinces in the country are required by law to render their respective Ulat sa Bayan or what is invariably termed State of the Municipality Address (SOMA), State of the City Address (SOCA) and the State of the Province Address or SOPA.

Angeles City Mayor Edgardo "EdPam" D. Pamintuan had earlier rendered his annual report card to his constituents, citing his and his team's various accomplishments vis-à-vis set targets.

An achiever, EdPam wants to do more, to accomplish more significant things for the already highly urbanized city, as he stressed the need to work harder, unite further and encourage the citizenry to work sincerely together and realize their common objectives. Ed is a not only a very convincing speaker but also a doer.

City of San Fernando Mayor Edwin Santiago also delivered his SOCA and his accomplishments were even printed in this paper, detailing the projects thus far realized and others to be worked on and be accomplished and to show to all and sundry that his election as the city top executive was a good happening to the capital city, following the effective governance of former city mayor Oscar Rodriguez, now the 3rd district representative.

Today, Mabalacat City Mayor Marino "Boking" Morales is expected to make public his own Ulat sa Lungsod, citing his various accomplishments in agriculture, solid waste management, disaster and relief efforts, education, infrastructure and peace and order.

All of the above are already in place and the good mayor just needs their adequate continuity, thus his new mandate and the other terms after 2016 will see through his various projects, including the new central business district which the visionary mayor envisions in the northern part of the city, covering some 3,000 hectares. If this happens, then he should come closer to his dream of seeing Mabalacat City become the Makati, North of Manila.

For the info of the citizens, he is still eligible to run for city mayor after 2016. So there!


No less than the chairman of the Commission on Elections who discourages motorcades for the village candidates.

He frowns, and rightfully so, on lavish and expensive activities being launched by candidates for barangay positions. Already, there are reports that funds are being generated and spent to ensure election of village candidates, starting from the punong barangay down to kagawad. After the elections, how would the big spenders recover their exposures?

There are worthy candidates though, those who would really work for their constituents or barangay mates. One such candidate is Nestor Catacutan who is running as Kagawad in Barangay Dapdap. An independent, Nestor pledges to always put the interests and welfare of his constituents way above that of his own.

A sibling of mine, Alex Pangan is comebacking as kagawad in Barangay Mabiga. Knowing Alex, he would work hard for his barangay mates.