FABULOUS at fifty, that’s what Bingbing is. She’s maturing gracefully, beautifully both in age and character. Anyone would even doubt if she’s really speaking the truth when she drops her age for she looks years younger than she is now.

What’s even more fabulous is how this woman celebrated her golden year. I can call it quite an unusual event, so to speak. Bingbing veered away from the norm, gathered her family and the clique she grew up with, and together with them, she dedicated her 50th birthday to the people she holds dear to her heart—Tagum’s rainbow society, a group of the most creative individuals who idolizes her as much as she does them.

It was an all out celebration for her honorees—fancy cocktails, elegantly set dining hall, exquisite cuisine, and a program as colorful as the rainbow. It was her way of saying thank you to them.

As the celebrant’s gift, this group came up with a spectacle that trumped all the shows of its kind in the city, a presentation nothing short of sensational.

A golden heart reaps treasure worth more than gold. Happy birthday Bingbing! Stay fabulous and keep on shining.

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