AN AMERICAN national was found dead inside his rented room at an apartment in Barangay Canitoan Monday noon, police said Tuesday.

Initial police investigation revealed the victim was identified as Carlos James Huber, 38, of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

He was found dead lying on his bed in prone position and wore nothing, the police said.

Huber rented a unit at Kings Apartment in Vista Verde, Canitoan, since September 9, 2013.

He had a fiancée named Lorelie Rupenta, who left since November 5 the reason of which has yet to be established by authorities.

Police said Rupenta and Huber have a child.

Huber was last seen with his friends drinking at Kings bar last Thursday.

It was learned that Huber last contacted his family on Friday.

Police also said Huber was discovered alone in his apartment by Monica King, owner of the apartment.

Rupenta and her family were shocked with what happened to Huber, and they demanded for an autopsy of the body and a deeper investigation of the incident.

The Scene of the Crime Operatives (Soco) reported that the victim’s body was already under the state of decomposition when found, and he was believed to be already dead days ago.

Huber’s family said the victim was an epileptic which disease could have attacked while in his deep sleep.

Police investigations are still ongoing at press time and they are investigating if there could be a foul play of the American’s death.