THE start of the year means a new beginning with full of hope and wishes for happiness, health, and prosperity. It is also the time for reflection and moving on armed with many inspirations in life.

For Stand Up in Life the inspiration has always been the stories of people and organizations that have made a difference in life and have touched the lives of many people in the different communities including those in the far flung areas where help is hardly reached.

The many efforts done in providing humanitarian service for the disadvantaged and continuous help in promoting development are the reasons why this column continue to exist.

It is also noteworthy that there were readers who were inspired by the stories read and believed in the programs of the featured organizations making them feel the need to also involve themselves in the cause as reflected in the portion of these two emails sent by readers in 2013.

From: arlene

January 18

Good day to you Maam:

I read your article and for me it is very interesting to know that we share our time to the children who needs treatment and theraphys. I got an alert from yahoo for autism. And that made me direct to our local newspapers and I am so happy to read your article. I am reading a lot in other countries they have a lot of articles and happenings for kids. That is what we lack in our country. Kaya , when I came across your article somehow, I also read a few articles from our local newspaper. God bless and thank you for reading my humble mail.. maraming salamt po arlene.

From: Francis Baltazar

November 6

My name is Francis Baltazar, and I came across an article that you wrote a couple of years ago regarding RSCC in La Trinidad. I am a volunteer for Manna Community, and we are a non-profit organization geared towards helping needy women and children. This year we have a toy drive for the holiday season and we are looking for a good recipient for this effort. I feel that RSCC is a good recipient for this effort. I tried to do an online search if RSCC has a website or a contact person that I can get in touch with. Unfortunately, I found nothing. I was wondering if you have any information about who I can get in touch with in RSCC so that we can coordinate with them in regards to this toy drive project. Thank you. Sincerely, Francis Baltazar

To Arlene, Francis and all the email senders thank you very much for sharing your insights. I also hope that you were able to get in touch with the people concerned for your inquiries and projects through the reply emails sent to you.

The start of the year is also significant as this column celebrates its third year of existence. Thank you very much to Sun.Star Baguio former Editor-in-chief Sam Bautista for convincing me to write and for Mike Guimbatan who patiently shared his knowledge to me on how to write articles for print and how to send it for publication when I was just starting to write. May you continue on inspiring those who show interest in writing.

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