AS THE yuletide season ended, family trips, shopping, parties, picnics, etc. surely hampered your daily exercise routine. Worst it can even get you to eat all you can. In the Philippines, dieting during these days of the year, is as trendy as choosing your “Noche Buena” menu, where diet is left behind and “fad diet” comes in resulting in unwanted extra weight.

But why settle for a fad diet? It’s up to you to create and maintain your diet, because being in a time where copious food is served; you have to think twice whether to eat or not to eat. However, eating in a gluttonic feast is actually not bad, provided that you know how to control yourself or you can determine the proper portions of what you want to eat.

Choosing to eat more protein, lesser carbohydrates, and smaller portions of food or if you can’t live without carbohydrates, you can be eating your normal fare but in smaller servings. Determining the proper proportion of what you eat in times like these can help you maintain your weight and even help you eat healthier.

On the other hand, an all-day energy is also needed to be able to manage your busy schedule; it is also when you are busiest that you have to work out the most, because it will provide you with the stamina to deal with your activities, and by rejiggering your schedules you can squeeze in your exercise or a sunrise workout.

If you have that stalwart resolve to exercise, it will not only keep your body in shape, but it will also give you the energy to juggle your daily activities. Exercise can be flexible, because with or without equipments or wherever you are you can do your exercise. Start your day by doing stretching, push-ups, sit-ups etc. when you wake up as a starter.

When you opt to run, mother nature can provide you with the materials like boulders for your dumbbells, tree branches for your chinning bar and pull-ups, rock formation for your dips, or you can do your broad jumps and vertical jumps for power or the two-line hop for agility, or going swimming to exercise the whole body.

But however you do your exercise on the lean month of training, your ability to stay focused and sense where your body is challenged by the call of the season where the abundance of savoury and calorie filled invite food is on the table, just remember that balancing food intake and exercise is your best way to stay fit and healthy without gaining those extra unwanted weight.