BEING a predominantly Christian nation, various denominations and institutions have found different ways to teach Christian values to their fellowmen. Be it through big acts in philanthropy by Christian businessmen or by simply through voluteerism by the youth of the church.

Martial artist and founder of the King's Sword School of Martial Arts and Values Roberto Nell Jone M. Astudillo III has discovered a unique way teaching Christian values, through martial arts.

He said it is a two-fold organization of martial arts and ministry. The school stands for the Word of God from Ephesians 6:17. The purpose is to reach the youth who do not have work, to teach them quality martial arts, train them to be champions in martial arts and in life, share the gospel with them, disciple them and teach them how to earn through teaching martial arts and how to use it to bring people to Jesus.

"We go to churches, schools, villages and youth gatherings to do demonstrations and share the gospel. We see many youth coming to Jesus and try to get them involved in a church," Astudillo said in his testimony.

He said in the classes he have the students memorize warrior scriptures and teach biblical principles and values.

"We teach the greatest self defense is knowing the Word of God. It will not only save you physically but also for eternity," Astudillo said.

Aside from the King's Sword School of Martial Arts and Values, he also established American Bushido Kai Association (Abka) Philippines in the same year.

He said he caught interest with Abka after the group, which originated from the United States of America, visited their church in late 2007.

"They are black belters in karate but their goal is to share the Gospel through martial arts. I asked if I could be a part of their group and they said the only requirement was to love Christ and want to be used by Him," he recalled in his testimony.

Astudillo said that he saw Abka's potential to be part of his ministry to reach out to the children and to teach them Christian values since its teachings were biblical based.

"My purpose in life now is so much more than martial arts. Martial arts is no longer my god but simply a tool God has restored to me to be used by the Lord to tell people about Jesus. I want to be like the apostle Paul who said, 'For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.' Philippians 1:21," Astudillo said.

Presently, he is planning for the activities of Abka and King's Sword this year. In February and March he will be having US-based martial artists to instruct and also an international tournament for February. He is currently the chief instructor for Abka-Philippines and King's Sword School of Martial Arts and King's Sword Demo Team. He is also a group fitness instructor, Powercycling instructor, and personal trainer at the MetroLifestyle Fitness Center & Spa.

He is married to Catherine Nabayra-Astudillo and they have one daughter Tashea Mae Nabayra. Just recently he went with his family together with his home church VCF Davao to Tacloban for relief operations.

He finished his elementary and secondary levels at Notre Dame of Kidapawan and finished his bachelor’s degree at MATS College of Technology in 1998 in BS in Aircraft Technology, with honors.