The husband of an official became a private citizen after losing his bid in last year’s election.

However, the local chief executive retains some of his old power. Some still call him “mayor.” And those who want to get things done in Cebu City still go to him for help. Like the high-ranking executive of a company.

The company executive has been seen dining and drinking with the former official, and not with the incumbent mayor

A Bzzzzz source said the executive must consider these meetings with the ex-official fruitful. He revealed that apart from giving the company of the executive a good deal on a reclaimed land, the ex-official is also making sure that his friend’s firm will corner a big project.

It seems that the ex-official launched a campaign to discredit the firm’s biggest


“If he’s a dog, you’d want him to bark for you,” said the Bzzzzz source.