THREE Cebuanos completed another historic feat as they completed eight 42K runs in eight days, which started and ended at the Capitol building last Christmas until the New Year.

They are Nap dela Torre, Lyra Valles and Rheb Regis.

According to Dela Torre, 40, the idea was coined last year when he and Valles were able to finish seven marathons in seven days.

“It all just started with a dare that I can finish seven marathons in seven days, which I posted on Facebook. I received several challenges, so I did,” said Dela Torre.

After finishing it along with Valles, he then told himself that he will do it every year and spearheaded another run, which culminated last Jan. 1,2014.

“After finishing the race, we couldn't believe that we were able to answer the challenges. We felt a pang of pride after,” said Dela Torre.

It was a long-distance run with the absence of marshalls and technical teams and they only depending on their Garmin watches for the distance covered and the time they finished.

Dela Torre said it was a good way to develop self-discipline and taught them to value honesty.

Regis, on the other hand, said the hardest part of the challenge was the second day when they had to wake up early in the morning for the next run.

By December 2014, they are planning to make the event official by challenging several runners to join them in a seven-day event.

They will be asking for a minimal fee for registration to shoulder the race bibs, shirts and trophies.

“It will be just a small amount because we want to promote afforable registration fees in running,”said Dela Torre.

Dela Torre added that it will be a predetermined and plotted route.

They are also looking at making pledges for every runner who finishes the race and the pledge will donated to a charity of their choice.