THE Carcar City Government conducted a random drug test to determine if some of its employees are using illegal drugs.

The drug test, which took place last Friday, was done under the supervision of Mayor Nicepuro Apura, said Public Information Officer Candice Acuña.

Acuna told reporters that the City’s 79 casual employees and more than 300 job-order workers were asked to take the test. Anyone who fails the test will automatically be dismissed, Acuña said.

Apura announced the random drug testing during the general assembly at the Carcar City Hall last Friday. The City Government even provided vehicles that would take all employees to the City’s accredited drug testing facility.

Acuna said the mayor organized the drug test in response to reports that there are City Hall workers who use illegal drugs.

“Mayor Apura is bent on seriously eradicating these menaces to the society by starting it with his own employees,” Acuña said.

Apura also warned City Hall workers that the result of the surprise drug test will be part of the requirements for the renewal of their employment contract.

The mayor said an undertaking will me be made to promote Carcar City Hall as a “drug-free workplace” and that random drug tests will be conducted from time to time.