PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III likened his governance to a basketball game, and he himself said this year, he is in his “last two minutes." The question now arises. Is he winning the game?

Even the most ardent fan of the President will admit that no way he can win the game. He committed a lot of infractions even at the early start. Everybody witnessed how his administration bungled, like Keystone cops, in handling crises.

Remember the Rizal Park hostage crisis? And how he angered the Hong Kong government by refusing to make an apology over the incident?


Three years in Malacañang, there is not a single solid achievement he can show, except his boast that he is threading a “straight path governance” or “Tuwid na daan."

Ano 'yan? Makakain ba 'yan?

Many think he is not even suceeding in his avowed fight against corruption. Crooks in Congress and in almost department of government are still there, and their wicked ways never waned. We are still listed as the second most corrupt country in the world. How's that for a PNoy boast? He has no bragging right.

Can Department of Budget and Management Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad, the president's fair haired boy (no pun intended), be considered the paragon of honesty, or the the poster boy of corruption under the PNoy administration? Just asking.

Is not Abad the “inventor” of the Development Acceleration Program, the source of funds that “bribed” some senators to convict former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona?


Every now and then, I meet my friend Tarlac Governor Vic Yap, a former colleague in the the board of the Clark Development Corporation, and my usual query is if he is satisfied on the project assistance coming from the palace. He would only smile. Asked the same question, Congressman Noel Villanueva of the third congressional district, and who hails from Concepcion, the hometown of the Aquinos, would give no answer but just smirk and raise his eyebrow.

President Noynoy is a Kapampangan. What had he accomplished thus far that benefited the province, one may ask?

Anyway if nothing was done in Tarlac, his home province, Pampanga should stop expecting.


What is most telling in President Noynoy is his enormous grudge against people who served under President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and is even infuriated at some relatives, like husband and wife Peping and Tingting Cojuangco, who cannot even peek on the door of Malacañang.

Self-righteous functionaries with a dim vision of the future think that they are heaven sent and are the most honest men

and women this country will ever find.

Outside of their circle are the corrupt and wicked.

We may ask, what will happen to this country and to him when he walks out of Malacañang more than two years from today?

Will he suffer the same fate like getting a plunder charge from the disbursement of the unconstitutional DAP and spend time also at Veterans Memorial Hospital? As my good friend Mon Tulfo will say and in quoting the law on karma, “what goes around comes around."