SM CITY Cebu is bringing in another batch of Cebu’s best in one exhibit at the Northwing Atrium.

Check out a colorful art installation made of products by Islands Souvenirs, the brand that revolutionized souvenir shopping by transforming cottage-industry type products and giving it a fresh take.

It carved out a new niche for itself by providing premium quality souvenir items that are creatively designed and packaged in vibrant shopping environments.

See for yourself different exquisite furniture designs by Dedon, a global furniture firm based in Cebu. Dedon is setting and continually raising the standard for quality, design and desirability. In over twenty years, Dedon’s collections are unrivalled in quality and design.

Be inspired by Bon Ace’s art of transforming natural materials into impressive works of art that offer functionality, uniqueness of forms and textures.

The beautiful and unparalleled collections of Bon Ace are exquisitely studied and carefully crafted with the company’s master craftsmen’s skills honed over decades of experience. Their products include necklaces, bags, bangles, vases, planters, lamps, trays, among others.

Learn more about digital art from the experts of the University of the Visayas New School of Art and Design.

The artworks are from the young visual design students of the newly-opened art school. The school gives a venue to hone an individual’s talent and passion within a dynamic program and system that works exclusively for artists.

Cebu! Cebu! will run from Jan. 10 to 26, with daily Sinulog events from Jan. 16 to 19 at the Northwing Atrium. (PR)