THE City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CDRRMC) of Cagayan de Oro said it is ready for the Black Nazarene procession on Thursday.

“When it comes to our preparation on emergency response, our office is ready for the worst case scenario,” said Mario Verner Monsanto, chief of CDRRMC.

Monsanto said medical and rescue response teams will be dispersed on the route of the procession.

Since the CDRRMC already knows the route of the procession, he said they know where to install the first-aid stations and put at bay the ambulances.

He assured his office can conduct on-site treatments for minor injuries, while the transportation of major injuries to health facilities has also been planned well.

Roving ambulances will also be available during the Black Nazarene procession where 60,000 devotees are expected to attend.


He said three ambulances will be available during the procession -- one from the City Health Office that will serve as a “sweeper.”

The “sweeper” will follow the devotees up to the Jesus Nazareno Church in case an emergency situation will arise during the procession.

The ambulance of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) will await calls on emergency at the corner of Julio Pacana-Velez streets.

First aid stations

“A first-aid station will be installed in the corner of Agora and Gaabucayan, one will be in the corner of Julio Pacana and Velez and the other will be in Antonio Luna Street,” he added.

And when all the devotees will converge in Nazareno church, all of their emergency response team and resources will also concentrate in the area.

With regard rescue, Monsanto said they have one team from Oro Rescue and one emergency vehicle that will be available in first-aid stations.

He said barangay rescue teams augmented the CDRRMC manpower by volunteering some of their members to the team.

“For instance, the Lapasan rescue team is sending some of their members to help us,” said Monsanto.

He added that barangay police (tanod) will also help secure the safety of the public on the activity.

The CDRRMC also designated a “triad area” for worst-case scenarios like bombings.

“Triad area” is a place designated to sort out patients according to the gravity of the injury.

Should things go ugly, he said the worst cases will be prioritized for hospitalization. (Anjo J. Bacarisas)